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Anybody who has or need


Provision AI Crypto PLATFORM for fair usage of GPU Network


Blockchain based Platform can create, distribute and reward AI learning Data


Cost reduction and convenience by providing Machine learning Model


AI Crypto Platform - GPU Network

When you provide GPU power for AI machine-learning calculation, you will get rewards in return.

Price table Prediction


AIC Platform





PRE ICO : 9th May, 2018 12:00 SGT UTC +8
Public ICO : 4th Jun, 2018 12:00 SGT UTC +8


Target [Hardcap]
30,000 ETH
Total Coin Supply
10,000,000,000 AIC


1 ETH   =   100,000 AIC

Any tokens not sold during the PRE SALE & PUBLIC SALE will be BURNED.

Distribution of AIC


Our Roadmap RoadMap

March 2018

WHITE PAPER ver1.0 release

May 2018


June 2018


December 2018


-Resource Provide

-Resource Verification

-Skeleton launch on Ethereum network

June 2019


-Advanced Machine Learning

-Main-net launching or platform change

-Ai Society building

December 2019


-Crux solving

-Ai Business invigoration

-Completion of Ai Society

THE Team Team

AI Crypto Team Members

Sungjae Lee
CEO MA in Design management, Hongik University Innocean Digital marketing SK Communications marketing team Samsung Electronics Semiconductor researcher
Rakjae Choi
Global Sales Department of Business Administration,Korea Univ. SK Broadband Int'l Finance Team CDNetworks IR Team CTP,CFA Level2,Financial Engineering Cell Biotech Management Department
Gyeongsu Chae, Ph.D Candidate
Deep Learning Ph.D Candidate in Brain & Cognitive Sciences,SNU BA & MA in Psychology,SNU BE in Electrical Engineering,SNU Visiting Researcher at Vanderbilt University Cofounder of Neurogazer
Ryan Jin,Ph.D Candidate
Blockchain Research Ph.D Candidate in Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University BS in Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University
Jihyun Park
Data Scientist Master of Urban Planning at Seoul National University Bachelor of Statistics at the London School of Economics
Jungdae Lee
Blockchain System Architect B.S. in Computer Engineering,Yonsei Univ. Researcher,Samsung Electronics Advanced Institute of Technology Founder, SORF
Zhao Shuang
Service Development Master of Electrical Information Engineering, Seoul National University Bachelor of Shandong University (山东大学)
Yushin Kwak
Service Development Advanced Material Engineering at Seoul National University of Science and Technology Master of Electronic Engineering at Hanyang University Stryker Korea Co.LTD service engineer
Bokyung Son
Design Sangmyung University Western Painting Master CoreBank Technology Institute
Victoria Lee
community manager Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Broadcasting Film and New Media
Hyunmyeong Bae
community manager Chongshin University English Education Yesung School English Teacher
Yujin Kim
community manager The University of Seoul the Faculty of Economics


AI Crypto Advisors

Changki Park
Founder & Chairman at GovernTech,Inc Paxnet Founder BOScoin
Ismail Malik
Blockchain R&D + ICO Strategist Founder & CEO Blockchain Lab ICO CROWD Editor-in-Chief SOAS University of London
Tiago Costa Alves
VP Asia Pacific @ Aptoide/AppCoins Master Degree in Mandarin and an MBA in Tech Management from SF University
Raja Sharif
Chief Executive Officer at FarmaTrust University of Nottingham LL.M,International Trade, Finance and Banking Strategy Implementation Manager at Al Jazeera Media Network
Hankyul Park
Building decentralized technologies X BosCoin Blockchain Entrepreneur
Kyungchan Kim
CEO & Founder
Stealth Mode Startup Company
Northwestern Kellogg MBA (Finance) Draper Univ. Blockchain Executive Program Venture Capitalist
Sunwook Kim
Seoul Bar Association HumanRights Committee Members Seoul National University,LL.B.&school of Law Masters Korean Judicial Training and Research Institute The 38th judicial Training Institute Department of Law MB, Master of Law School at Seoul National University
Bob Lee
Crypto Sales Engineer, Blee Foundation CEO & Founder, Blee Foundation Special Features Editor, ICO CROWD Ambassador, Fusion Foundation Community Manager, Fantom Foundation
Jake Kim
Blockchain Sales Engineer System Specialist, Oracle Chief Strategy Officer, Blee Foundation Community Manager, Fantom Foundation




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AI Crypto’s Mass Airdrop has completed!

To celebrate AIC main sale, We airdropped AIC and it has completed!

Frequently asked questions FAQS


It’s from June 4 to July 30. ICO was originally scheduled to end on June 30, but it is also holding various activities such as road show to attract investors except for public sale and we are in positive discussions with institutional investors. The process took some more time to complete on June 30, forcing us to extend our sales period.

The initial plan was 10 billion AIC, but the reduction in the hardcap resulted in 8.000,000,000 AIC(8 billion AIC).

It was 500,000,000,000 AIC (5 billion AIC) before the hardcap was reduced, but it is 300,000,000 AIC (3 billion AIC) after the hardcap reduction.

0.1ETH=10,000AIC (1ETH = 100,000AIC)

After signing up for our website, please register the address of MyEtherWallet or metamask before passing KYC and send Ethereum to our main-sale address form your own wallet address you’ve registered.

Softcap(the minimum funding target) for starting the development has already been reached with a 3,000 ETH. The initial hardcap(the maximum funding target) was 50,000, but we adjusted it to 30,000ETH.

The Bounty event was initially carried out and all are closed. The AIC received as a Bounty is transferred to the wallet registered on the website after the ICO shutdown (July 30, 2018). To be eligible for the Bounty, you must go through the KYC by July 30.

The airdrop is a promotion event for the main sale and it is different from Bounty event. Randomly selected wallet in the whole world with history of transaction got AIC. If you win, you can find AIC in your wallet or on our official website MY AIC.

Investors who participated in by June 29. 23:59 p.m. will receive AIC after June 30 and investors who participated after June 30 will be paid after July 30 (early August).

AIC is paid through PoV approach, not PoW. When the AI Crypto platform is launched and the resources are shared, we will only compare the quantity of the released and distributed AIC within the AI ecosystem to compensate for this resource. So far, there are no plans to issue additional publications, and even if they are to be issued, the total volume of issuance will be adjusted within 10 billion AIC.

Currently, we have two designated exchanges, IDAX and NEXYBIT, which allow you to list the coins on August 29 and start trading on the 30th. NE XYBIT will be listed after opening.

There is no rock-up in the AIC you purchased, and there is a total 6 month rock-up period for bonus, Bounty, Air Drop, and team AIC. After three months, 50% of the locks are turned off, and then over three months, the remaining 50% of the rock-ups are turned off.

1. Token Address : 0xa7a5c03399f4739f4afa934bb9053c992b53d7a2
2. Token Symbol : AIC
3. Decimals of Precision : 18

Check the left top hand side and click on 'My Bounty.'

We strongly suggest MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, ImToken and Trust Wallet. We have instructions on how to purchase with MetaMask and MyEtherWallet.

AI Crypto is a blockchain platform, providing Resources for development and being rewarded fairly. Every participant who take part in AI Crypto’s ecosystem provides their own resources and uses the resources on our platform. AIC is the rewarding method in our ecosystem. In AI Crypto’s platform, who provided what resources and how much and how did you get paid for it are recorded on blockchain when the participants develop AI. These record make the resources to be distributed fairly and to provide high quality resources.

We have roadmap. WHITE PAPER ver1.0 released on March 2018, pre-sale was completed successfully and handed over softcap on May and ICO main-sale is live. On July, our MVP(Minimum Value Product) will be updated on our website-Github link. We will launch ‘Sapiens’ which provides resources and verify the resources on Ethereum platform on December. On June 2019, we will start our own platform ‘Creatura’ that provides advanced machine learning and form AI Society. The last stage is ‘Deus’ that shows crux solved platform. On December 2019, AI Crypto activate AI business and complete AO society.

AI Crypto provides a platform for user to be easy to make Ai services using complex AI model components without having professional programming knowledge. On AI Crypto, the users can develop various services for example, voice synthesis/recognition, AI Dialogue Analysis, Image Analysis and Autonomous vehicle etc. AI Crypto covers GPU, Data, Model and Trained AI.

AI Crypto is a platform where start-up, researcher and developer can make AI services with reasonable price.

There may not be competitive advantage for this universal AI utility. But when the users need to use rare data like regional dialects, we think we have a competitive advantage. We aim to facilitate the sharing of various AI resources within the AI Crypto ecosystem. Later, Google, Amazon, Facebook, China, BAT will monopolize the AI field but it’s our real goal to bring some of that.

The users will participate in providing computing power when it is more profitable than traditional mining. We will work hard to become AIC of that value.

Mining; PoW is a way of compensating coins when multiple nodes create a nonce that creates blocks by competing for calculations. However, in AI Crypto by adopting a proprietary method called PoV, when the users provide valuable resources, they will receive AIC.

PoV is Proof of Value that is our independent blockchain agreement algorithm. It is different for other cryptocurrency algorithm, such as PoW, PoS or PoI, which is the way coins are issued. In the PoW, the participants are rewarded for creating blocks but in the PoV, the participants are rewarded for providing valuable resources(Data, Dataset, Model, Trained AI, etc.) and taking part in value assessment process.

It’s not our token. We will list AIC on NEXYBIT and IDAX. We are negotiating AIC listing with major exchanges and will notice listing schedule on our official community channel. AIC on the other exchanges isn’t ours so please check token information.

AI Crypto is based in Singapore.

Yes, KYC is mandatory. Make sure to get approved before ICO is over.

- Check the spelling of AI Crypto admins' names and usernames thoroughly.
- Look for the 'admin' symbol on the right side of our names.
- AI Crypto admins will never pm you.
AI Crypto does not take any responsibility for inserting in the wrong address for transaction on your part.
Email to: AIC team will email back if interested

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